Upcoming Events

7th INTERPA Conference 02-04 April 2018 Doha/Qatar
  16 October 2017

7th INTERPA Conference and General Council Meeting will be held on the dates of 2-4th April 2018. Qatar Police College will host the event in Doha, Qatar.

The main theme of the Conference is "New Trends in Combatting Terrorism and Extremism". 

The sub themes:

1-) Handling and Management of Crowds in Major Events and Occasions in Terms of Combating Terrorism and Extremism

2-) Combating Extremism in Global Sport Events

3-) Process of Radicalisation

4-) Various Types of Radicalisation

5-) Political Violence and Combating with Terrorism

6-) Deradicalisation Programs

7-) Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Recidivists in Society

Academicians who would like to present a paper during the sessions of the conference should upload their abstracts to the http// website no later than 15/12/2017 and full papers and presentations carrying academic proficiency no later than 01/02/2018.  

The official language of the Conference, General Council and Executive Board Meetings will be English.

Expenses for the accommodation and subsistence of utmost (02) participants (including the head of delegation) from each institution and those of the presenters are to be covered by the Qatar Police College; however participants shall cover the fare for international flights from their own institutions’ budgets. 

The deadline for registration is 15/02/2018.

Invitation letter, which is including all those details written above, were sent to the member institutions. For our member institutions, please check your e-mail box and get into contact with Secretariat in case any failure of delivery. 

Looking forward to meting in Qatar!