9th INTERPA Conference with the theme of "Challenges of Police Academies for Near Future" (Virtual Event)
  13 December 2020

18th Executive Board Meeting, General Council Meeting and 9th Annual INTERPA Conference as virtual event was held on 11-13th December of 2020, organized by Turkish National Police Academy (TNPA), with the participation of 118 representatives of 32 countries and two international organizations named “African Youths Initiative on Preventing Crime (AYICRIP)” and “Association of Asean National Police (ASEANAPOL)

11th December 2020

Executive Board Meeting & General Council Meeting (11th December, 2020). During 9th General Meeting of INTERPA, the issues on the agenda of the INTERPA were discussed. Membership applications of Philippines National Police Academy (Philippines), University of Public Service (Hungary), Rashtriya Raksha University (India) for INTERPA was approved by GC Members. With new participations, INTERPA reached 76 member institutions from 59 different countries.

12-13th December 2020

9th Annual INTERPA Conference with main theme named “Challenges of Police Academies for Near Future” was carried out with with the participation of 118 representatives from 25 member and 7 observer countries. The Conference is consisted of 3 sessions which are written below.

  1. New Approaches in Police Training Development
  2. Implementation of New Technologies in Criminal Investigation
  3. Training Methods on Countering Violent Extremisim

Within 3 sessions during the Conference, 12 presentations in total were made by representatives from Albania, Belarus, Czechia, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.